The Amherst Orchid Society was founded in the early 1980’s. As best as my records show the formal meetings began in 1983 in the upper meeting room of the Jones Library on Amity Street Amherst. The formation of the society was the work of Philip Phillips. In less than two years we outgrew the Library and moved to the South Amherst Library which has two large meeting rooms. The society grew rapidly and we put on our first spring orchid show in late 1980’s. It opened in a surprise snowstorm but still managed to attract over 200 people.

The following year we moved the show to the Munson Library lower meeting room and with a few years we reached over 600 people per day and outgrew the library as a show place. We have put on shows for almost 25 years. Regular meetings are still at the library with a summer repotting clinic at a willing member’s farm and a summer picnic at another member’s residence. The Orchid Society has filed and received status as a 501 C 3 not for profit by the IRS.

Amherst Orchid Society
Ellen Kennedy

Carol Mentos

Kevin English

Marion Jackman
Leilani Normal

Steve Reardon

Lynn Vennell

Executive Board:
Marc Gray

Lynn Reynolds

American Orchid Soc liaison:
Leilani Norman
Conservation :
Kim Nyiri
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